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Steps To Improve Diversity & Inclusion in The Workplace

Diversity & Inclusion has been a hot topic lately. While many companies are slowly adapting and adopting this idea, there are others that are confused as to what exactly this means. The common misconception is that this idea came about as a way to fill some kind of quota - nothing could be further from the truth. This article aims to outline exactly what Diversity & Inclusion means, the effects it has on your business and the steps you and your company can take to get on board and become a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Creating a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From

I came across a meme on Instagram that said "Create a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From" and it resonated with me quite deeply. It made me reflect on my own life and ask some really deep questions: Am I living in my purpose? Do I love what I do? If I didn't get paid for my work, would I still enjoy it? Am I living my best life? 

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Social Media Blunders that Will Hurt a Young Doc's Career

Social media has become part of the every day life for most people. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn or snapchat, it's where we communicate with friends, family, our potential patients/clients/customers and so we end up sharing a lot on these platforms. It's also where job recruiters, employers and, yes patients/clients/customers go to find you for whatever their reason.  So, when does sharing become too much? 

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