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Benefits of Social Media to Your Dental Practice

For many years, dentists relied almost exclusively on reputation, word of mouth, expensive advertising and flyer marketing to help build their practices. But, it’s a different time now and more likely than not, our patients/audience are on one or more social media platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,etc being active on social media will give us the ability to drive traffic, reach new patients and build lasting relationships that will only benefit our practices.

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Social Media Blunders that Will Hurt a Young Doc's Career

Social media has become part of the every day life for most people. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn or snapchat, it's where we communicate with friends, family, our potential patients/clients/customers and so we end up sharing a lot on these platforms. It's also where job recruiters, employers and, yes patients/clients/customers go to find you for whatever their reason.  So, when does sharing become too much? 

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