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Tackling Student Loan Debt

Almost all young dentists face confusing (and often conflicting) choices after graduation because of the significant amount of student loan debt they have from dental school. The average dental school graduate has more than $247,000 in student debt. That figure has risen nearly 40% since 2010.

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Refinance or Consolidate your Student Loans?

As young professionals, many of us left or will be leaving school with student loan debt. As our grace periods wear off and we enter repayment a lot of us find ourselves scouring the internet or asking friends and colleagues how they are going about tackling their student loans. It can be daunting going through the options - some of us have loans from undergraduate school and/ or graduate school. Some of us may have taken out private student loans, federal loans or a combination. Either way, we need to know the options for repaying these loans.

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