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Social Media Blunders that Will Hurt a Young Doc's Career

Social media has become part of the every day life for most people. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn or snapchat, it's where we communicate with friends, family, our potential patients/clients/customers and so we end up sharing a lot on these platforms. It's also where job recruiters, employers and, yes patients/clients/customers go to find you for whatever their reason.  So, when does sharing become too much? 

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What I Learned In My First Year of Being an Associate Doctor

Some of us go straight to owning our own practices straight out of residency, and others, for various reasons decide to embark on associateship before venturing into practice ownership. I am one of those "others." I decided to gain a few years of "experience" before taking the plunge into being the boss and just like with anything else I've learned some valuable lessons along the way.

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The UnOrthoDoc's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love the holiday season and all it's festivities. The holidays mean family time, eating, shopping, gift giving and receiving, parades, holiday parties, cozying up in front of the fire place with hot chocolate in hand and staying in PJ's all day. It truly is magical!

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