Apple Watch Integration In Your Practice

The Apple Watch has become very popular and surprisingly quite useful among healthcare providers, particularly dental offices. The apple watch and other smart watches offer doctors increased efficiency, an opportunity to potentially increase production, ergonomic benefits, and more.

We all know constant communication is vital in delivering quality patient care in any practice and the way in which new and current patients interact with our practice has changed drastically. Internet use has shifted from mainly desktop usage to almost strictly mobile usage, this means our patients are looking to interact with us differently than before. Many of our practices have moved away from manually tracking and reminding patients of upcoming appointments to sending email and text communication.


The apple watch can be used among the office staff to communicate pertinent information to each other or to the doctor.  What do we do right before we see a patient? We figure out his or her name, check whether there are any pertinent medical issues, what the last procedure was, what we have scheduled to do this time and what bay/chair they are seated in. If we are doing this manually, we are killing our productivity without even realizing it.


Here are a few benefits of apple watch integration in your practice (granted that your software management system is compatible):

  • Secure Messaging that allows the staff to to send, reply and read messages to patients

  • Appointment Reminders that can be scheduled to be sent 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour before the appointment (or however frequent you wish to schedule them).

  • Appointment Information that the doctor can access for details pertaining to the patient and the appointment.

  • Doctor Paging to let the doctor know that his/her patient is now ready to be seen, including what room, chair or bay they are seated in.

What other ways do you think smart watches can be incorporated in your practice?