About Me:

I’m Dr. Patrice Smith, and very much an Island girl with a penchant for the big city. I was born and raised in beautiful Jamaica! I became a Dental hygienist by the age of 19 and quickly realized that I wanted to take my career further. So, I took my talents to the U.S. and completed additional undergraduate studies in the Big Apple (NYC). I got accepted into Dental School in 2010 and moved to the nation’s capital (Washington, DC) where I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Howard University. Immediately following, I was accepted into Orthodontics residency and two years later I became an Orthodontist. I am now a practicing Orthodontist in the state of Pennsylvania, where I create beautiful smiles daily!

The dental profession and my amazing patients are an integral part of my life. It is fulfilling to watch people transform into more beautiful and confident versions of themselves and knowing that I had a hand in that.

I am an avid reader, blogger, travel and fashion enthusiast. I enjoy spending quality time with family and close friends, perfecting the art of candle making, adventure and wanderlusting!

Blogging has been a long time hobby of mine. I have been blogging since 2007 and some of my work can be found on my existing blogs: Climbreachachieve.net; Stu-dentdiaries.com, and other places on the inter webs like: The NEXT DDS blog and The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) blog.

I enjoy meeting new people and networking, so send me an email, find me on Instagram and let's connect!

I am The UnOrthoDoc.